Other Industries


Safety standards

Railway industry operates on higher levels of safety standards and durability needs. As industry leaders, we provide locomotives with composite solutions that are easily integrable with the vehicle, like the modular toilets we manufacture for the Integral Coach Factory in India.

Quality and durability

Our composites offer dramatic reduction in weight without any compromise to the quality and durability. Good fatigue performance, low overall maintenance, fire resistance, and good acoustic performance are all requirements of the railway industry that we fulfill with our products.

technical superiority

Defense and Aerospace

Defense as an industry has been using polymer composites a lot earlier than the other ones. In fact, military aircrafts used composite much earlier than commercial airplanes used them.

The aerospace industry requires cutting edge technology, less weight, great strength, great stiffness, and high fatigue resistance. Polymer being able to cater to all these needs, became the choice of material for this industry. And we at INDOCOOL, being the choice of the customer, are equipped with technical superiority to cater to this industry.


The marine industry, due to its necessity to deal with extreme environment and demand for lighter material, was one of the first industries to adopt glass-fiber composites. Advantages of using Glass Fiber Polymer or GRP for marine applications are

Other Industries

As the demand for lighter, stronger materials increases in more and more industries, INDOCOOL keeps venturing into these industries, delivering the best of the composite products. Here are a few industries that we operate in, and have the capacity to work in

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